UWS ATV Tool Box

UWS ATV Tool Box

UWS ATV Tool Box

Rain, snow, debris, extreme sun- none of these weather conditions are good for your expensive tools. Thus, a truck bed tool box keeps all these enemies at bay and safeguards your gear. Also, your tools are well guarded from busting in bed when you make the screeching stops, sudden starts and sharp turns. Not just does the truck toolbox keep your tools in protective space that shields it from different conditions, it even protects it from thieves.

  • Designed to be easily mounted on any ATV
  • Easy to carry and store your tools at one place
  • 58 inch one piece aluminum tub easily holds the tools and prevents any leaks
  • Carrying handles on sides that help in easy handling
  • Patented foam filled lid makes solid structure and prevents warping or bending
  • Stainless steel lock handles are there for security and rust resistant operation
  • The lid opens on its own at 90 degrees for easy operation as well as loading
  • Extra strong lid ensures that there is smooth closing and opening

UWS ATV Benefits

What makes this tool box so worthy of buying?

There are special foam or rubber tape seals which prevent the water from getting in the seams of the box and keep the moisture away from your tools. Here we have reviewed the UWS ATV tool box that is just perfect to have your tools and equipment in one space, taking you on your adventures without any worry.

Chances are that your truck won’t be having a storage or canopy for all your tools. Whether you are a handyman or a full time employee, your tools must be your valuable possession. Using the UWS ATV tool box will keep your tools safe and secure from theft and weather conditions. This tool box further keeps your things all secure and safe, featuring the extra thick, rust resistant, aluminum construction with foam lid that offers maximum strength.

Further, the box is lockable with stainless steel lock handles, featuring the MicroSeal stripping that keeps out the moisture and grime. Like other UWS tool boxes, this one is also made in the US.

UWS ATV Tool Box - Company Behind It

UWS is indeed a leading manufacturer as well as designer of USA made storage accessories and carriers. All the products are made to highest quality standards, providing reliable and sturdy storage solutions for the truck enthusiasts as well as professional tradesmen. The company offers a full range of truck bed tool boxes, dog boxes, liquid transfer cases and other storage solutions.

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So, what are you waiting for? If you really wish to invest in a high quality, safe and secure tool box, then this UWS ATV is the best option for you. Let’s face the fact that quality tools are really expensive and so the idea of leaving them in open is just unwise. Thus, UWS ATV truck bed tool box keeps your valuable tools and equipment under lockdown. Check the amazing benefits of this tool box at the official site of the manufacturer to clear all your doubts.